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HCMC, April 28, 2021

Green Sculpture Contest – Terms & Conditions

1. Objective:

  • To create awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, specially the climate change, and to enhance the recycled material use
  • To find good and impressive arts of sculptures which are made of recycle materials to display in the sculpture exhibition on the occasion of the World Environment Day
  • To create opportunities for students to present their creativity as well as sculptural competences;

2. Participants

  • Vietnamese Citizens

3. Prizes (in cash)

  • 01 First prize: 20,000,000 VND
  • 01 Second prize: 10,000,000 VND
  • 01 Third place: 5,000,000 VND
  • And other prizes

4. Competition timeline

  • Starting date: 10 April 2021
  • Deadline to submit the proposal with 2D or 3D sketch via the following link 19 May 2021
  • Announcement date of selected proposal to make sculptures for exhibition: 21 May 2021
  • Deadline to submit the completed sculpture: To be confirmed
  • Display of selected sculptures: To be confirmed
  • Voting process (at exhibitions and online) to find the First – Second – Third Prizes: To be confirmed
  • Competition result announcement date & award ceremony: To be confirmed

5. How to participate the competition

  • Step 1: The participants (as individual or group) must fill a registration form by clicking the link on the Keppel Land Vietnam’s FB/website or the universities’ FB/website.
  • Step 2: The participants must submit a concept/ creative proposal with the sculpture sketch and estimated material(s) and size (W x H x D) to express their inspirations or reasons of the sculpture.
  • Step 3: The selected proposals will create the sculptures and submit these sculptures (which are made of recycled materials) to Organizer.

6. Competition format

The competition format will consist of 03 rounds

  • Round 1: The Organiser will shortlist the good proposals and request participants to create the final products of sculpture
  • Round 2: The Organiser will shortlist the good sculptures in order to display on the exhibition
  • Round 3: The Organiser will consolidate the voting result to find the First – Second – Third Prizes

7. Evaluation criteria

  • The sculpture must be related to environment protection and climate change topic
  • The submitted sculptures must be made of recycled materials and there is strong and clear evidence to prove the collection process of recycled materials while candidates are creating their sculptures.
  • The submitted sculptures are encouraged to use lighting systems to create strong visual effects.
  • The submitted sculptures should be stand able in podium (0.8m x 0.8m) and maximum of 1.8 metre height.
  • The submitted sculptures must be aligned with Vietnamese customs and are not objectionable (do not violate Vietnamese culture and laws).
  • The submitted sculptures must not be plagiarized or do not infringe copyrights
  • Required languages for proposal: English

8. Other regulations

  • The result of round 1 and the First – Second – Third Prizes will be announced officially based on the schedule at KLV and the universities’ websites and Facebooks. The Organizer will contact winners via emails and phones provided by candidates in the registration form.
  • Images, names and information of the candidates of the competition will be used by the Organizer at its sole discretion for advertising, promotion and marketing purposes or for other purposes without any conditions other than those of other activities not permitted by law.
  • The Organizers have the right to use the photos of the sculptures and winners taken during the exhibitions and awards show on the mass media without notice to the author or pay any fees. The Organizers are not responsible for copyright disputes on the sculptures submitted before and after the award.
  • The Organizer is entitled to change any content of the competition, or adjust the rules at any time before the end of the competition by sending notice email to participants.
  • The decision of the Organizer is the final decision which the attendees to abide by. The Organizer reserves the right to decide on changes related to prizes and winning members
  • The Organizers are not responsible for providing false information of the winning participants.

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